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Counter-Strike: Source Cheats & Codes

Press the ` key to bring up the console then type in sv_cheats 1 , then type in a cheat:

Code:                                                                 Description:
r_shadowids 1                with sv cheats on in console    Moving numbers on screen showing players shadows

sv_gravity #                    Replace # with number to change gravity

impulse 101                     16,000 cash

net_graph 0                    Won't show stats at bottom of screen

net_graph 1                    Show's stats at bottom of screen

cl_crosshairscale 4000     small crosshair, doesnt get bigger or smaller

noclip                               let's you fly around the map and not get hurt

mat_wireframe 3            See through walls.

host_timescale *           Replace * with a number to get the desired speed. Don't go too high or your             server/CSS will crash. Higher you go, less FPS and vice versa.

sv_showimpacts           Puts a square where bullets hit. Very useful for learning how to control sprays. Sv_cheats is not required

buy c4                        Free bomb, as terrorist

Item Names

You can use the "give" code to spawn weapons -> give [Weapon Name]

Weapon Name                                              Code

AK-47                                                  weapon_ak47
Artic                                                     weapon_awp
Benneli xm1014                                    weapon_xm1014
Bomb defuser                                       weapon_defuser
C4                                                        weapon_c4
Colt M4a1 carbine                                weapon_m4a1
Commando                                           weapon_sg552
Desert eagle                                          weapon_deagle
Dual Berettas                                       weapon_elite
Flashbang                                            weapon_flashbang
Fn P90                                                weapon_p90
Glock 18 pistol                                    weapon_glock18
H&K Sniper Rifle                                weapon_g3sg1
HE grenade                                         weapon_hegrenade
Kevlar Vest                                         weapon_kevlar
M3 super shotgun                                weapon_m3
MAC-10                                            weapon_mac 10
MP5                                                   weapon_mp5navy
Nightvision goggles                             weapon_nightvision
Para                                                   weapon_m249
SIG p228                                           weapon_p228
Scout                                                 weapon_scout
Sig 550                                              weapon_sig550
Smoke grenade                                  weapon_smokegrenade
Steyr Aug                                           weapon_aug
Ump.45                                              weapon_ump45
Usp.45 pistol                                       weapon_usp

Skin Names

You can use other skins by using skin [Skin Name]

Skin Name                                       Code

Arab                                                  arab
Arctic                                                arctic
GSG9                                                gsg9
Guerrilla                                            guerrilla
Hostage                                             hostage
SAS                                                   sas
SEAL                                                 seal
Terrorist                                             terror
VIP                                                     vip

Key binding
To activate codes easier, bind them to keys. For example, type bind v "impulse 101" at the console window to bind the "$16,000" code to the "V" key.

Temporary invincibility
Type bind "setinfo model ../oranget" during game play. Keep pressing the key that was bound to that command to become invincible.

Temporary SAS appearance as terrorist
Type bind "setinfo model sas" (for terrorist only). Your whole body will change into UK SAS suit. Keep pressing the key that was bound to that command.

Get 90 bullets for Usp.45 Pistol
Buy a MAC-10 and all its bullets, then buy a Usp.45 Pistol.

Get 120 bullets for Glock Pistol
Buy a MP5 and all its bullets, then buy a Glock Pistol. Note: If you already have it, you do not have to buy another one.

Get 98 bullets for Scout
Buy a Scout, shoot one bullet and reload. Then, buy the bullets again.

Get 120 bullets for Steyr TMP
Buy a MP5 and all its bullets, then buy a TMP.

Get 59 bullets for Usp.45 pistol
Buy a Usp pistol, shoot one bullet and reload. Buy the bullets again.

Get 89 bullets for H&K Sniper Rifle
Buy a scout and all the bullets. Shoot once, reload, and buy the bullets again. Then, buy a H&K sniper rifle.

Sniping Ak47
Aim the crosshair in the middle of the enemy and shoot the bullets two by two. When the crosshair becomes large, run and reload. The target should be dead after you shoot the first two bullets.

Splatter bones and body tissue
Type bind backspace "impulse 102" at the console window, then press repeatedly press [Backspace] key and bones, tissue, and blood will scatter all over the place.

Auto Aim

Automatically aims at your enemies by using the right click abilities of your gun: sv_aim

Cheat List

Access the console by pressing "`"

    Enables cheats: sv_cheats 1
  •     Bots only buy snipers: bot_sniper_only
  •     Bots only use knives: bot_knives_only 1
  •     All Deleted Scenes: cl_levellocks 16382
  •     Enemies don’t see you: notarget
  •     Go through walls: noclip
  •     Invincibility: god
  •     Kills all bots: bot_kill
  •     Make bot go to specific locations: bot_goto_mark
  •     Bots don’t move: bot_zombie 1
  •     Set the bot´s difficulty level: bot_difficulty
  •     Bots will only buy pistols: bot_pistols_only
  •     Restart the map without losing any goals: restart

Client trace

On the host comp, enter: sv_clienttrace 999999999.
Every shot will surely hit. The default is 1

This code can also not be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default)

  •     bind w "+forward;model sas"
  •     bind d "+moveright;model gig-n"
  •     bind a "+moveleft;model l337"
  •     bind s "+back;model arctic"
  •     bind uparrow "+forward;model vip"
  •     bind rightarrow "+moveright;model sciencetist"
  •     bind leftarrow "+moveleft;model gorila"
  •     bind downarrow "+back;model sas

Faster Movement

These codes must be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default) to access the game console.

  •     Fast forward: cl_forwardspeed (enter # between 0 and 999)
  •     Fast backward: cl_backwardspeed (enter # between 0 and 999)
  •     Fast strafe: cl_sidespeed (enter # between 0 and 999)

Level Select

This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default). Enter: Changelevel (map name)

Adjust Gravity

During gameplay access your console (default key is the ~ button). Now enter sv_gravity and a number between (-999-999999)Note: This code can only be entered fron the host server


This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default).
Enter: +reload
This codes works, but it's slightly annoying. After every shot you will reload. If you get sick of it, enter this code:
This will disable auto-reload.

Set the C4 Timer

This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default). Enter: Mp_c4timer (enter a # between –1000 and 1000) –1000 will be a very short timer, and 1000 is a long timer.


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