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C.C.A HooK V2.0 For Private

Here is very cool hack for counter strike 1.6 players.This is cca privte hook v2 0 .This is one of the best cs 1.6 hack I have used so far.It is all in one cs1.6 hack.This counter strike hack contains following hacks

Aimbot hack
Wall hack
Speed hack
And many more .Download this hack from following link

Counter strike aimbot wallhack

1.After download extract the rar file open C.C.A HooK V2.0 For PrivateC.C.A HooK V2.0 For Private folder.

2.There you will see cca-hack.exe open it.this will ask you to set your cs 1.6 path.

3.set your path to C:Program FilesCounter-Strike 1.6hl.exe or whatever is yours.

Start your counter strike 1.6 game and connect to any server or start new game on your system.when the game is started press L then your cs 1.6 hack will be started.

Enjoy your hacks! Share it :)

Download C.C.A HooK V2.0 For Private

Some useful videos on youtube...



Prince Caspian said...

I dont noe how to use can any 1 explain? plz

Sach hacks said...

When u download it u wl get readme file :) all commands n how to do is written it text file mate..

Sach hacks said...

Even then if u can't make it then try other hack tools :) read steps above how to use it..

Kamal Hasan said...

not wrkingg

Raulnayak said...

You are supposed to select hl.exe or cstrike.exe?
On selecting hl.exe,the game starts lagging alot...

Sach hacks said...


Fouad said...

nothing happened bro......... :(

Sach hacks said...

search how to use this tool on youtube :)

mueez said...

no work

Darian Nathanael said...

it's working actually. I have one but I did not download it from here. But pretty much mine is cca hook too. It will not tell you whether the cheat is on or not. When you walk, the crosshair just points out to your enemy.

Gabriel Sartorio said...

Is there any button for that aimbot, when no need at that moment? not just to get suspicious.

Kush Joshi said...

password not working :(

sachin bhatt said...

@KUSH password is working.. ( I have checked it twice).

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sonu kkc said...

how to use speed hack bro can u tell me ??????

Dilkrit Anand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Molds said...

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks free working here:

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